1. Reservation and booking

The confirmation of a booking depends on availability at the time of booking. Bookings are confirmed once the agreed payments are made. Confirmation is subject to the terms below. No booking is considered confirmed until the required payment is made.

Once a booking is made and the advance payment received, a booking confirmation containing the necessary booking details is sent by e-mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to review these details and inform us immediately of any errors.

The person making the booking must be at least 18 years old. The booking is a legally binding declaration of intent aimed at concluding the rental contract with irrevocable effect.

2. Payment

The advance payment of 50% of the total rent is due within 14 days of making the reservation. And must be paid at the latest 8 weeks before the commencement of the rental contract. The balance amount (50% of the rent plus security deposit (see 2.2) and out cleaning charges (see 6.3)) is due on location on the day of arrival.

A confirmation and all arrival info will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the full advance payment is deposited into our account. In case we don’t receive the payment, it will be considered a rescission from the rental contract (by the rental guest). In such case, we reserve the right to cancel bookings. The booking dates will then be released within 2 working days.

2.1. Advance Payment

An advance payment of 50% of the total rent must be made upon booking. We will hold the booking for 14 days till the advance payment is received. The reservation will automatically lapse after this period. The advance payment will be applied toward the full rent.

2.2. Security deposit

A security deposit of € 250 is required. It will be returned within 14 days of departure if no damage and/or defect in or to the bungalow is seen upon completion of a final inspection.

3. Rent

Incidental costs (such as water, electricity and gas) are included in the rent.
We reserve the right to change tariffs. Tariffs for existing bookings will not be affected.
The rent includes the corresponding VAT of 10%.

4. Booking period

The minimum booking period will be one week. For organizational reasons, your bungalow will be reserved from 4 PM on the check-in date to 11 PM on the check-out date. Earlier check-in or later check-out times must be arranged in advance.

5. Additional services

We will do our best to accommodate additional requests but cannot guarantee so.

Extra costs associated with a special request shall be borne by the guest either before or upon arrival.

We cannot accept conditional bookings based on the satisfaction of additional requests.

5.1. Extra beds
In addition to the standard configuration, you can book up to two extra beds. Your request must be made at the time of booking. We charge a flat amount of € 20 per bed per night.

5.2. Baby bed
We offer a baby bed for families with small children (0 to 36 months) as an additional service. The baby bed includes a travel bed with mattress and linen.

5.3. Pets
Dogs and cats are allowed. However, your request must be noted on the booking form. For other pets, we request you to contact us with brief details. There are no additional costs.

6. Cleaning service

Towels, bath towels and linen are provided. Beach towels are provided, but won’t be changed during the stay.

6.1. Linen
Linen and towels are replaced weekly unless arranged otherwise.

6.2. Out cleaning
We charge € 50 for the out cleaning.

7. Handover of the bungalow; complaints

The bungalow will be provided to the guest in a well-cleaned condition and as specified in the contract. The bungalow is free from defects. If there are defects at the time of handover or fixtures missing, the guest must inform the property lessor promptly within 24 hours. Otherwise the bungalow will be considered to have been provided in spotless condition.

If the guest delays in checking in or does not check in at all, the full rent will be due. The same shall apply in case of early check-out. The bungalow must be returned on time and in proper condition with all fixtures. The guest is liable to pay compensation for damages and missing fixtures.

8. Hand-over of keys

Keys to the bungalow will be provided on location. The holiday rental guest is not authorized to make more keys, and must not retain any keys when leaving. In case of a lost key, the client has to bear the costs of exchanging the entire lock.

9. Insurance

Travel cancellation insurance is not included in the rent. We recommend that the holiday rental guest take out a travel cancellation insurance policy.

10. Booking changes by the holiday rental guest

Only the owner of the house can make changes to bookings. Please use the contact form or our service number to contact us. We will do our best to help you. A processing fee will apply, depending on the change. You will be informed of the fee at the time of the change.

If you change a booking less than 6 weeks before arrival, cancellation charges may apply.

11. Booking changes by the property lessor

We always strive to stick to the arrangements made, however amendments may become necessary for reasons beyond our control. In such case, we reserve the right to change bookings to bungalows of the same or higher quality. If only a lower quality alternative is available, you are entitled to the appropriate reimbursement.
You may either accept the change and reimbursement offered or cancel the booking and receive a refund for the entire amount without incurring any cancellation charges. We are not liable for any resulting losses with respect to the trip or other services from other service providers.

11.1. Force majeure
If force majeure (environmental catastrophes, natural forces, official measures etc.) or unforeseeable/unavoidable events frustrate the rental contract or its continuance, the property lessor is entitled (but not obligated) to offer a substitute property of the same quality to the holiday rental guest, to the exclusion of damage claims. If services cannot be rendered or cannot be rendered in full, the amount paid or an appropriate part of it may be refunded, to the exclusion of further claims. In the event of force majeure, the guest cannot claim refund for payments already made.

12. Cancellation/rescission from the agreement

There is a mutual cancellation option up to 8 weeks prior to arrival. Thereafter the guest may rescind from the agreement at any time under the following conditions.

If a booking is canceled in whole or in part, we require notification in writing from the person who made the booking. The following charges will apply. A rescission from the rental contract is valid only through a written declaration of rescission. The receipt of written declaration by the property lessor shall be decisive for the rescission. E-mails are also accepted provided they are sent from the e-mail address specified in the booking.

The charges listed below will apply in the case of cancellations. The security deposit and out cleaning charges will be refunded fully. VAT will be reimbursed in proportion to the amount credited.

56 – 42 days prior to arrival Advance payment
41 – 30 days prior to arrival 60%
29 – 15 days prior to arrival 80%
14 – 1 days prior to arrival 90%
No show without notification 100%

Cancellation charges are specified as a percentage of the total rent.

The entire rent will be due even if the guest checks in late or checks out ahead of time.

13. Holiday rental guests and fellow guests

The bungalows are reserved exclusively for the named individuals listed on the booking form. Occupation by unauthorized parties may lead to all parties having to leave the home immediately. In such cases, the customer shall bear the additional charges for new accommodation.

The property lessor reserves the right to recourse claims that become necessary as a result of conduct by the holiday rental guest that is contrary to the rules.

Subletting is not allowed! The holiday rental guest is responsible for ensuring that fellow guests comply with the obligations under this agreement. If the holiday rental guest or fellow guests violate the obligations of careful use or if the bungalow is occupied by more than the contractually agreed number of individuals, the property lessor may terminate the rental contract without notice and without paying compensation.

14. Careful use

The holiday rental guest is obligated to use the rental property with due care and with consideration for other residents and neighbors.
The property lessor or its employees must be informed of any damage immediately.

A certain standard of conduct is expected. We reserve the right to terminate the rental contract without compensation if the conduct of the customer causes annoyance or damage to the property or individuals, employees, other customers or occupants.

15. Liability

Holiday rental guests shall bear the costs for the rectification of any damage caused by them or by individuals under their supervision. It is therefore important to notify us of any existing damage upon arrival immediately.

The holiday rental guest is liable for damage in or to the house of the property lessor caused by himself and/or by individuals accompanying the guest or by visitors. The property lessor shall not be liable for events for which the guest himself and/or individuals accompanying the guest are responsible. The guest is liable for all damages caused by himself or by joint users, fault shall be assumed.

The property lessor ensures a proper process of reservation and efficient performance of the contract. For damages other than personal damages, liability shall be restricted to twice the rent, unless there is gross negligence or intention.

Liability shall be excluded for acts of negligence on the part of the holiday rental guest or joint users, unforeseeable or unavoidable acts of negligence by third-parties, force majeure, or events that the property lessor, key-holders, agents or other persons enlisted by the property lessor could not have foreseen or prevented despite taking due care.

16. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising out of the present agreement shall be the place where the bungalow is located. The agreement is governed by Spanish law.

17. Validity of these General Terms and Conditions

Every booking on our website at www.casitajoana.com, is subject to the exclusive terms of the contract, which are based on the above General Terms and Conditions. The holiday rental guest’s general terms and conditions are hereby excluded. The language of the agreement is German.
The property lessor is Jennifer Joana Konrad,

NIE: Y1667907-F,
Postfach 157, 07860 San Francisco Javier,
Formentera, España.
The holiday rental guests are the contractual parties renting the bungalow at the above website.

18. Data protection

The holiday rental guest hereby confirms that he consents to the use of his personal data to make the reservation and rent the bungalow. The data will be treated with utmost confidentiality and not passed on to third-parties.
The guest guarantees the accuracy of the data.


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